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123 HP DJ3630 Troubleshooting

What to do when ‘Printer Offline’ or ‘Printer Not Responding’ Message

1. Check connection between the printer and the Mac

Steps to 123 HP DJ3630 Troubleshooting:
i. Disconnect and reconnect your USB cable.
ii. Reset the printer.
iii. Remove multiple printers from the printer list.
iv. Delete the existing print queue and add the printer
v. Reset the printing system

2. How to resolve Network Scanner Connection Error? (Windows/Mac)

Different type of error messages & steps to resolve it are listed below
Error 1: An error occurred communicating with the scanning device
Error 2: No Computer Detected
Error 3: Scan to computer no longer activated
Error 4: Scan Unsuccessful
All these errors can be fixed simply with few steps
Steps to 123 HP DJ3630 Troubleshooting:
i. Check whether the cables are connected correctly, unplug the cable and re-insert.
ii. Restart your Deskjet 3630 printer and check for driver scan settings
iii. Check the printer connection status & make sure your network is working properly.
iv. Uninstall & Re-install the HP driver software.
v. Temporarily disable the firewall settings of your PC.

3. What to do when printer job stuck in Printer Queue.

You can only be able to do two different things when your printer job gets stuck and failed to print your needs.
i. Click cancel button (or)
ii. Click Delete button.

4. What to do when “Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup”?

When printer goes Not found during network driver setup, please follow the below steps to troubleshoot them.

  1. Restart your PC, Router, and printer connected with PC.
  2. Check for the network status of printer connection
  3. Try to connect the printer manually to your network.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the driver software (Directly download the updated driver from

5. How to fix “Printer is Offline” message?

Check for the connectivity wire before start the troubleshooting steps

  1. You need to set default printer and unpause printing. (The error might also occur, if the PC more than one Printer connected to it.)
  2. Restart your printer by using restart button and check the connectivity status.
  3. Check for the Port connection
  4. Update your Printer Firmware.
  5. Add your printer using HP Assistance or call the support team they can simple fix.

Understand the printer Problem through light indication:

  1. If the Power light blinks fast – Then your ink cartridge door might be in open.
  2. When Wireless light blink and the Wireless icon and Wireless shows Attention – Then your wireless connection is turned ON, but your HP Deskjet Printer cannot find the wireless signal.
  3. If your HP Eprint light is blinking – This happens when you turned your Eprint ON and your printer failed to connect to the Web Services server.
  4. If your Wireless light, wireless icon and wireless attention icon blinks – Then your printer is not connected to your network.
  5. If all lights on your control panel blink with E5 Error – Then your printer is experiencing scanning error.

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